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Walking Works For Local Authorities

Walking Works is designed to support the work of Travel Awareness and Travel Plan officers as well as others involved in borough fitness, environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Our campaign aims to raise the profile of walking as a viable, sustainable transport solution for London's commuters and deliver concrete local benefits in your borough:

Pilot Work
We'll becarrying out focused project work with major employers throughout the life of Walking Works. Toolkits and fresh, innovative, promotional ideas for transport professionals will be integral to the campaign, giving borough officers specialist advice they can apply quickly and easily.

London Borough of Hackney has become the first Walking Works pilot employer, and we are delighted. Work begins in mid April. We'll be posting regular updates on the site's news pages.

And it's not just a one way street!
Many London boroughs have already made considerable progress promoting walking at work The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, London Borough of Sutton, London Borough of Camden, London Borough of Islington to name a handful.

Contact Us
Walking Works is always open to new ideas, so we want to hear from you. What has worked in your borough and what has failed. Please email the campaign co-ordinator, Felicia Conner: felicia.conner@livingstreets.co.uk