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Living Streets
Transport for London

Walking Works For All

Welcome to the start of an urban walking movement. Together we can get our cities' streets alive and have fun at the same time!

Walking is the most reliable and effective way to cover short distances. Do you really need to travel one stop on the bus, train or Tube? And how about those five minute runs in the car? Why not change your routine and walk instead? While everybody else is stuck in the rush hour you can be in the fresh air, taking in the sights and sounds as you walk. . .

Walking is a real pleasure, you have:

  • unlimited leg room
  • a wide variety of cafes to choose from
  • ever changing views instead of someone's paper.

In the evening when work is over, you can take your time to walk:

  • leaving the working day behind
  • giving yourself space to decompress
  • making time for yourself.

See? You feel better already . . . .

Just thirty minutes walking every day can give you all this . . . so what are you waiting for? Make walking a regular part of your journey now!

Make your walk special . . . your space for joy
Choose a route which offers you most of what you enjoy: parks or lively streets; beautiful buildings, the river. . . The city is your oyster. Friends, colleagues and local people can give you good information on routes.

Walk with friends
Get to know your local community by walking more, or set up a group of friends who commute together walking. If you don't know anyone who walks then try

Get Committed!
Why not join our growing community and

sign our pledge!
Click Here to walk regularly, and you'll be getting fitter and helping the environment all at the same time! Need a reminder to keep walking? Sign up for one at

We'd love to hear how you get on with your walking, so please email us with your experiences

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Monday 16 June 2008
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