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Walking Works For Employers

The Walking Works Campaign means business . . . . . . and it's good news!

In our service and knowledge based economy, one of the most precious and costly assets of a company is its employees. Staff health and wellbeing are becoming increasingly important for employers who want to retain highly skilled people.

Poor staff health is bad for the balance sheet
The Confederation of British Industry believes that absenteeism is the main reason why UK productivity lags behind the US and some parts of Europe. Staff sickness costs the country about £11.6bn per year. Stress is also a big problem in the UK. Research carried out by the Health & Safety Executive has indicated it costs society about £3.7bn per year and that about five million people 'feel very or extremely stressed' by their work.

Many large organisations recognise the value of physical activity in promoting better health in the workforce. This is why several successful US companies have their own in-house gyms.

But what if there was a better way . . . . . and it was free?

Well there is . . . it's called regular walking. Recently hailed as a "magic bullet" by Professor Joann Manson of Harvard Medical School, walking has been proven to deliver substantial physical and psychological benefits. Research has shown that regular walking has a marked effect on our sense of wellness. Walking in a green space is particularly good for relaxation and stress relief. It can improve cognitive function and boost both mental and physical performance. And that's not all, promoting walking:

  • Saves money by increasing staff attendance and retention
  • Increases productivity as personnel are more healthy & alert
  • Enhances your organisation's green credentials by increasing sustainable travel
  • Decreases the company's carbon footprint
  • Cuts car parking maintenance costs and frees land for other uses.

So why not start now and make walking a key part of your organisation's travel plan? Walking Works can provide information and support.

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Friday 9 May 2008
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