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What Employers can do:

We are hoping as many businesses as possible will support Walk to Work Day. You can promote the day by advertising it on your intranet. And why not organise a simple event? Here are some ideas:

Step into Spring Pedometer Challenge
If you are located in London, your business can register to take part in the Step into Spring competition. It’s a four week pedometer challenge starting from Walk to Work Day. Promotional packs including pedometers can be ordered from your Travel Awareness Officer at your local council. To find out how to contact your borough contact, please visit TfL’s website

The 30 Minute Challenge
Get people to register to take part in the day and make a pledge to walk for at least 30 minutes on their way in. Enter the names into a prize draw and reward the first four drawn on the day. Shopping vouchers, tickets for sports events, even foot massages make good rewards.

For the Truly Committed - a free lunch
If your company has an in-house canteen, why not offer a free healthy meal to the people who have walked for more than an hour on their way in? You will need to register them in advance as above.

Get really competitive!
Invite the different departments of your organisation to put together a walking team for the day. Set the number of people per team. Get each team to log the total time the team spent walking to work. Reward the winners and publicise it on your intranet.

The great thing about teams is you can often walk as a group, which will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Best Photo Opportunity
Ask your employees to take some photos on their walk to work, and offer a prize for the best one.

Tell us about it
We'd love to hear about your Walk to Work Day events and what happened, so why not email us with the details and we'll feature it on the website?

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Friday 25 July 2008
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Living Streets’ Walking Works campaign had a stall at a recent Jack Johnson concert, which hit London’s Hyde Park on 2 July. It was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to the thousands of fans attending the concert.

Healthy Towns=Healthy People
A one day conference with workshops on health, walking and the environment; health is all of our business.

Walk to Work Day-tell us how you did!
Walk to Work Day was 24 April 2008. Tell us how it went for you and you could win a free pedometer.

80s Fitness Squad helps motivate commuters on Walk to Work Day
Commuters travelling between London Bridge station and The City on Thursday 24 April 2008 benefited from the motivation tactics of a squad of 1980s styled fitness instructors, who get very excited about commuters who walk to work.

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Wednesday 19 December 2007